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Brain Body Connection in Children


At Bodywell Healthcare some of our paediatric trained osteopaths have completed further education in working with the neurodevelopmental system in children. Some of this further education has focused on the integration of primitive reflexes.

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Integrating primitive reflexes and osteopathy can be a holistic approach to addressing various health issues, especially in the context of paediatric care. Primitive reflexes are reflexes that infants are born with that are essential for their neurological development eg. when you stroke an infant’s hand it automatically closes. These reflexes typically integrate into postural reflexes as a child grows and higher brain functions develop. However, in some cases, these reflexes may persist beyond infancy, leading to developmental challenges and motor difficulties.

Osteopaths will do a motor assessment to see how your child is moving and processing information. We look at balance, gross and fine motor movements. We will then provide an individualised program of exercises for you to do at home with your child to help with reflex integration. We also look at how their body is moving in general and will treat with manual therapy techniques any tightness or restriction in their body.

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Integrating primitive reflex integration exercises with osteopathic treatments can offer several benefits:

Holistic Approach: By combining osteopathic treatments with primitive reflex integration exercises, practitioners can address both the physical and neurological aspects of a patient’s condition.

Improved Motor Function: Persistent primitive reflexes can interfere with motor function. Integrating reflex integration exercises with osteopathic techniques may help improve motor coordination, focus and balance, especially in children with developmental challenges.

Enhanced Nervous System Function: Osteopathic treatments may help optimise the functioning of the nervous system. When combined with reflex integration exercises, this approach can potentially improve a child’s brain body connection.

Stress Reduction: Osteopathy often promotes relaxation and reduces muscular tension. Combining this with reflex integration exercises can help in reducing stress, leading to improved overall well-being.

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If you are interested in how our practitioners may help your child and would like further information you can email the clinic at or can call us on 9717 1200. Alternatively you can book an appointment today at with Kelly or Rebecca who have completed further education in this area.