Do headaches & migraines stop you from living life to the fullest?

The team at Bodywell Healthcare have experience managing patients with a range of different headache and migraine presentations. Our osteopaths are trained to differentiate between headaches with common causes (such as muscular tension, poor posture, eye strain, whiplash injuries, teeth grinding), and those due to serious pathology, and will refer you to your doctor as required.

Osteopathic treatment may help alleviate your headaches by assisting with improving your general mobility, reducing muscular tension, improving blood supply to and drainage from the head and neck, and reducing inflammation.

Our osteopaths will also provide advice on posture, strengthening exercises, and stretching to assist with preventing a recurrence of symptoms, as well offer guidance on improving the ergonomics of your home or workplace.

You should always seek advice from a health professional, including an osteopath, if you get a headache after a head trauma and/or the headache is getting worse.

How can we help?

All of our team at Bodywell enjoys and has experience with headaches and migraines, and you can book online below or give us a call.

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