Dr Jonathan (Gus) Booth


B.H.Sc, B.App.Sc(Osteo)

About Dr Jonathan (Gus) Booth

Gus first discovered osteopathy following a momentary lapse of concentration as a snowboard instructor resulting in a significant back and knee injury. During his recovery, aided by osteopathy, he was drawn to the ethos and methodology that underpins osteopathic practice.

The basis for Gus’s approach to treatment is a genuine drive to work with people to achieve their health goals, combined with a keen interest in anatomy and biomechanics.

Exploring his patient’s motivations for seeking therapy provides the foundation to develop a realistic and relevant management plan to facilitate meaningful change.

Gus counts himself lucky to have traveled extensively across the world, and thoroughly enjoys trying new food and experiencing different cultures. And despite his previous injuries, Gus still has a deep affinity for mountains and snow.

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