Dr William Gunn


B.H.Sc, B.App.Sc(Osteo)

About Dr William Gunn

See Billy for: General pain & injuries, back & shoulder pain.

William (Billy) Gunn initially fell in love with osteopathy through his active and sporting life. With a double bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and Applied Sciences in Osteopathy,and a keen interest in the human body, Billy has a genuine drive to help people. He strives to help his patients reach their health goals by uncovering and addressing the root cause of their pain, and when the cause is an injury, Billy works with his patients to put together a gradual rehab plan to get them back into action. Billy is also qualified in dry needling and cupping.

Billy’s sporting prowess in football and basketball is legendary, but unconfirmed, and his passion for food means he can always be found wherever there are snacks (his presence at Bodywell events that involve food are both legendary and confirmed). Billy is also a lover of pop culture, and if you’re lucky, he may share a magic trick or two.

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