Dr Zachary Foote


B.H.Sc, B.App.Sc(Osteo)

About Dr Zachary Foote

See Zac for: Cupping, Dry Needling, neck/back pain

Zac has always had a strong interest in the medical and allied health fields, and spent many years undecided about his vocation before discovering Osteopathy. Zac has a particular interest in the intertwined nature of the mind and body, and those impacts on his patients’ health. Zac incorporates various manual therapies including cupping and dry needling in his practice, and can take a firmer or gentler approach depending on the care needed.

Growing up in North Queensland, Zac brings a slice of tropical with him wherever he goes in the form of indoor plants. Most of his outings lead to a local nursery, but outside of his love of plants, Zac puts his energy into creating meaningful bonds with his ever growing Melbourne ‘family’.

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