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Looking for a Telehealth Osteopathy Appointment?

Online consultations (telehealth) | Bodywell Healthcare

Telehealth – Accessing Osteopathic Care Remotely

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a way of delivering healthcare services remotely, via telephone or video consultations.

Bodywell utilises Cliniko – a secure medical software application – to allow us to connect with you via video chat so we can see and hear each other in real time. Click here or on the image below to see a short video demonstration of how Telehealth online consultations work.

Please follow our Facebook page for more information about Telehealth and for regular updates about the Bodywell clinic.

Telehealth Osteopathy Services Online and in Mernda & Doreen

FAQ's about Osteo & Osteopathy Services

Below you can find some of the most common and frequently asked questions we get.

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