Are you looking for an osteopath in Mernda or Doreen?

At Bodywell Healthcare we understand the demands of everyday life and how difficult it can be to  fit in treatments around busy life and work commitments. This is why we are open four late nights each week to make it easier to find an appointment time that works with your schedule.

At Bodywell we make sure we take the time to listen to why you have come to see us and what outcomes you want out of treatment. We then put together individualised treatment programs for you.

We take an extensive history so that we gain the full picture of what is happening with your health and wellbeing and take this all into consideration when formulating a treatment plan. We will do an examination which includes the area where you have the pain and usually also related areas of the body.

After the examination we will discuss our working diagnosis with you and our treatment plan which usually involves a range of manual therapy techniques which can include soft tissues techniques, manipulation, articulation and stretching techniques. We will provide advice on how to improve things such as work station set-ups, sleeping and sitting positions. Our practitioners  will also create a personalised exercise program through Physitrack which is accessible from your phone.  The program allows you to  watch easy to follow videos of your rehabilitation exercises.

Osteopathy for Adults in Mernda & Doreen

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