Looking for an osteopath for your child in Mernda or Doreen?

Our osteopaths recognise the stresses and strains on the growing body of a young child to a teenager. We utilise our experience of working with a variety of age groups to tailor our communication and examination to your child’s age

Children’s general everyday movement and the use of technology in schooling and interaction with peers has changed how a child uses their body. At Bodywell Healthcare we commonly see children with postural aches and pains from electronic tablet use, gaming, and not moving their bodies in general play. We also commonly see children with knee pain, ankle injuries, headaches and general neck and back tension.

With children we use a variety of manual therapy techniques in conjunction with exercise programs to improve strength, flexibility and movement patterning. Our practitioners will also provide advice to your child to help alleviate the predisposing factors of what is causing your child’s aches and pains.

Osteopathy for Children in Mernda & Doreen

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