Why are Archies So Great?!

Why are Archies So Great?!

Sore feet- could it be your thongs? Maybe it’s time to get a pair of Archies! 

Are you getting sore feet, but you have no idea why? Have you recently put away your socks and shoes and grabbed out those convenient summer thongs, flipflops or Jandals? Well that could be your problem! Ouch! 

With summer just around the corner, and the warmer weather in the air, I’m sure most of you have pulled out your summer gear ready to hit the beach or pool, and what is the most important Australian summer go to… a pair of thongs!

When we wear shoes such as flat thongs, we force the muscles within our feet to work a lot harder than they would in a fitted or fastened shoe. Typically rubber thongs have minimal structure and lack any form of arch support as well a lack supportive strapping to keep the thongs on your feet, which places an endless amount of pressure through the muscles and structures of toes, feet and even through the front of the leg and ankle with every step taken. 


So why should I give my old thongs the flick (or flop)? 

So, let me guess, you’re probably thinking, what’s so good about archies they just look like ordinary thongs? However, that’s not the case, the secret is in its name…. literally! 

Archies are designed with an arch, providing orthotic support that encourages optimal foot posture, just like any orthotic would! How great!  Even though they look like an ordinary pair of thongs their structured 2.2cm arch helps to support your feet all day long.  

Have you ever Blown a plugger (breaking a divide in a thong), and had to wear one thong home whilst walking on the hot asphalt or sand from the beach? Ouch!!!!  I am sure most of you have, but if you haven’t count yourself lucky, it’s the worst!!! Archies are designed to be indestructible (but keep them away from your pets!) they have strong one-piece design which prevents blow outs and strap breakages! 


Next time you pop on your thongs, watch your feet while you walk, I can only predict that with each step you take you will scrunch your toes just to stop your thongs from falling off…. They call this toe clawing, which is an unhelpful trend which archies are ready to end. The strap design on a pair of archies is tight and fitted to your foot, meaning that you no longer have to grip with your toes just to keep your thongs on, reducing the pressure through the muscles and tendons in your feet.

Archies are not only indestructible but are super comfy!! They are made out of strong foam that allows them to mould to your foot…. Unlike ordinary thongs, which may take months to wear in? 

I don’t know about you, but what’s not to love? 

Here at Bodywell Healthcare we stock archies in a variety of colours- a pair to go with every outfit! Our supportive team can assist you in finding your perfect pair that may help you get through your summer pain free and breakage free!  

So give your feet a break and some love, with the help of a more supportive pair of thongs and check out a pair of archies! – trust me your feet will be thanking you!