Why having a good bra can support you in more ways than one!


Alright, hear us out. We know that sometimes good bras can be *pricey* but wearing a bra that fits properly is essential for the correct support no matter what situation you are in. Whether you are exercising or going to work, if your bra doesn’t fit right – you won’t have the adequate support!

So why do I need a properly-fitted bra anyway? What’s so good about them?

Although we are not bra-fitting specialists, we do see many people come in and complain about feeling uncomfortable around the upper back, shoulders and rib cage; and a poor-fitting bra can be a contributing factor.
Studies have shown that a whopping 8/10 women are wearing either the wrong bra size or wearing an ill-fitting bra. This can lead to a variety of issues that we see here at the clinic including:
Neck pain and headaches
Shoulder and upper back tension
Poor postures and hunching
Breast and chest pain


Breast Anatomy Bodywell

Breasts are mostly made up of mammary glands and soft tissue with limited supporting structures (such as Cooper’s Ligaments) surrounding them. Whether it is during exercise or day-to-day activities, breasts will bounce around and this can lead to damaging the soft tissue and stretching the delicate ligaments. This can be said for any breast shape or size, and the damage can be permanent to the breast tissue.

A supportive and well-fitted bra will aim to protect the breasts and minimise damage to the area. Picture an elastic band – if you continually stretch and stretch it, it will become longer and longer and after time will not bounce back to normal. The same principle applies with breasts.



Ultimately there are MANY BENEFITS of wearing a properly-fitted bra, including:

  1. Improved support: the primary function of a bra is to provide support to the breasts. A well-fitted bra helps to distribute the weight of the breasts evenly, reducing the strain on the back, shoulders and neck. It can provide correct support to alleviate discomfort and aim to prevent long-term issues like back pain, poor postures and forward hunching.
  2. Breast Health: wearing a bra that fits correctly ensures that the breasts are properly supported and positioned. This can help prevent sagging and stretching of the ligaments in the breast over time. It also helps to minimise breast movement during physical activity, reducing the risk of discomfort and potential breast tissue damage.
  3. Lymphatic flow: the lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body, and the breast tissue has a significant number of lymph nodes. Wearing a bra that is too tight or ill-fitting can impede the lymphatic flow which can potentially lead to inflammation and other health concerns.
  4. Comfort: poking underwires, straps digging into the shoulders, bands that are too tight or too loose are never comfortable. A bra that fits well will not dig into your skin, leave red marks or cause discomfort.

Firm Breast vs Sagging breast Bodywell


Our aim is to reduce the pressure and tension that an ill-fitting bra can put on the body. And let me tell you, it’s a lot! A bra that fits well will allow you to move around freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. An ill-fitting bra… well it’s a recipe for disaster on your posture to say the least.
At the clinic we most often see tight straps or bands that dig in and leave marks on the back and shoulders. We can only do so much in the consultation room to take away the pressure it puts on your body. That being said, we aim to reduce muscle tension due to these poor postures or lack of support; and we do have easy at-home exercises to perform that aim to give your body the break it needs.


A good fitting bra will be comfortable and take strain off the shoulders and neck. The under-band carries 80% of the bust weight while the shoulder straps carry the last 20%, this is something to always consider when finding the right fit. We strongly suggest being fitted by an expert and to take your time in trying on different brands/styles to find your perfect bra for you. The band and straps should be firm but comfortable, there should not be any bulging at the underarm or overspill from the cups, and if there is wire involved it should sit flat against the body and not poke out.

Chest stretch Bodywell

And while you’re on your “good bra” journey, if those upper body muscles are feeling tight and angry that’s where we may be able to come in to help you feel your best!

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